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Supportive Sunday: Amy Phung

Happy Sunday! For today’s Supportive Sunday, we have Amy. Amy and I are Instagram friends – our friendship literally started on Instagram and it’s only been months after we first chatted on Instagram that we finally went for a walk together two weeks ago. Amy is an illustrator and graphic designer from London, and you…

what would queenie drink

“one no-foam skimmed latte with an extra shot and three drip coffees with room for milk” – Miranda Priestly Buy me a coffee. No, really. Did you know that apart from my day job of scrolling through Instagram and sending cat photos to my friends, I actually have an actual job? I know! Sometimes I’m…

Supportive Sunday: El

Is there anything more delightful than a bank holiday weekend? A bank holiday weekend with delightful people that is. And of course a dose of Supportive Sunday. This Sunday, we have El. El is one of my absolute bundle of joy friends and I just 100000% love them. You know you have those friendships where…

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