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What is WWQD?

Hello, hi welcome to whatwouldqueeniedo!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Queenie, a 27 year old female currently living in London. I was born in Hong Kong, raised in Singapore, came to the UK for university and have stayed here ever since.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and thought that there was no better way to welcome into the world what I’ve been referring to as my ‘creative baby’ than my 27th birthday.

So, what are we doing here?

Here, we’re going to figure out together how to maximise avocado eating and minimise f*ck boy dealing. It’s tough enough being in your 20s as everyone knows, but to be a millennial as well?! We don’t stand a chance, do we?

I definitely don’t have all the answers but I think between us and the big wide web, chances are we probably will figure some of life’s questions out together. I’ll share what I know and have learnt, and hopefully you can do in kind for me too.

Solid, practical advice – no noise

I’ve personally struggled throughout my 20s with friendships that hurt me more than break ups have, relationships that meant so little to me that I started meaning that little to me too, arguments with family that I thought I couldn’t come back from, jobs that I loved but couldn’t stay in, getting into so much debt it would probably take me up to 7 years to pay it off. When I then tried to look for answers or at least some direction, I couldn’t find one place that helped me look at everything holistically. I’d find some amazing resources where I’d learn lots from, but also some that was neither useful nor practical, and occasionally I’d get peddled some product that I didn’t need and I knew they didn’t believe in either.

Finding fulfillment

Over the last few years, I’ve come to realise that in order to be happy and fulfilled (the ultimate life goal, no?), you need to come to terms with your relationship with friends, family, partners, work, and most importantly you. There are so many intricacies, nuances, facets and angles to look at all of it from – and there are so many useful resources out there that can help us grow. I want to share them with you and if there’s anything you think has been really life changing and useful for you too, do let me know and I can share it with everyone else.

Well I guess that’s a welcome – I can’t wait to see all of us glow up, bless up, and sage up together! 🌼

Lots of love,

– Q

One reply on “What is WWQD?”

Good for you sweetie…. I’m 57 and been through a lot.. ALOT!!. Including gal pals going after my men.. backstabbing bitches..& when I finally left an abusive relationship after 7 of the 8 years I was with him, with all of them telling me to get the f Out.. most of them dumped me…( this guy would load a gun , put two ,Two, bullets in, and tell me he was gonna kill himself.. uhhhhh, gonna miss the first time? )… horrible even, especially since there were no stalking laws at the time, and he’d practically drag me back when I did manage to escape. The point of telling u that is I’m always available now.. to anyone, male or female, that needs my help
I realize that I’m “old”.. but we older folks have a lot to offer… never think we won’t bend over backwards to help younger generations… cause most of us will
Good luck to you darlin’.. in All your endeavors


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