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Having your birthday in quarantine (again)

Happy birthday to me! I’ve always felt bad about making a huge deal about my birthday, but I recently read @salmaelwardany ‘s birthday post which really put into perspective what and how we celebrate things in life. She says “It’s why I love birthdays. You get to stop, take a breath and raise your chin, look over your shoulder and say yes, I did all that.” Go read the caption in full – it is such an important statement of how and why we should live bravely.

Birthday in lockdown: SARS Edition
Birthday in Lockdown: Coronavirus Edition

So even though I’m not with loved ones celebrating this year, I’ve come so far from last year, and I’ve written a list of things that I want to do better so that next year I can look back and be proud of how far I’ve come again in another year.

This birthday has also made me a lot more reminiscent for things that I never realised I remembered.

This is actually my second birthday in lockdown (thank you SARS). I don’t remember much of the first birthday I spent in lockdown. However, I won’t forget my birthday this year:

  • Because I want to recognise the amazing people that get me through when things aren’t rosy
  • Because I want to honour those that are essential workers and working hard to keep the world going
  • Because I want us to question and remember the decisions that were made that have led us to where we are today, and how we can, will, and need to do better as humankind moving forward

“A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory.”

– Mark Twain

With that said, I hope we go forward with an excellent memory (might have to borrow from elephants 🐘). For those that are keeping the world turning in this time, I see you, I love you, I thank you!

– Q 🖤

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