The Girl Who Did More Than Clap for the NHS

Happy Friday! We’ve started the day with some good news for a change, as we note London’s infection rate is starting to fall.* This headline’s overly optimistic, but the news in there is valid.

On that note of positivity, I wanted to share another uplifting Friday story: my sister’s! She surprised our family group chat last week, when she shared a few photos of beautiful, handmade cards and mini-care packs for her local paramedics.

She’s worked really hard on these quietly, so I wanted to surprise her by sharing her gorgeous art with you. She’d been telling me every week that while clapping was a nice way for the entire country to showcase their appreciation, she wanted to do something practical to help, no matter how small.

The level of detail and texture in these handmade illustrations…girl. I think anyone who receives these will be touched to see that effort and love went into making them. 👏🏼
She made 22 cards, and hand delivered them along with some sweets to her local paramedics in Epsom. 💚

…and that’s all folks! I wanted to share a sweet, positive Friday story to kick off your weekend on a good note.

– xoxo, aimen 🤓

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