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wow it’s been a while

Ok first up, Aimen (Chief Marketing Officer) sorry I tried to do this by myself and it’s not fitting in with the THEME but you can change the image after you see this thanks xo

Wow it has been about 11 months since my last post. Truth is, I lost my mojo. I started doubting what I had to offer and what I had to say. I really just fell out of love of telling my truth, my experiences and the constant doom scrolling especially on Instagram.

Today I had to do my year end review for work, and my feedback consistently was “Super good at what she does, not afraid to share what she believes is right, and challenges us all to do what’s better.” On the other hand, I had a single development area that was (not) surprisingly given by two men whom I worked with on D&I initiatives (who don’t actually know each other) but might as well have been one.
They said, “She’s very good at driving change and taking people along with her to do better together. But she should soften her tone because some people aren’t used to change.” Understood. I don’t think it’s unfair of me to take that tone policing with a massive pinch of salt.

And then it clicked that this whole entire time, I was so worried about how others were going to see me, that I tried to mute myself. But the truth is, people were going to judge me and think I was too much, too little, too loud, too quiet, too… me. I love writing and so I’m back. WWQD is back!!! Play tune of celebration. I’m currently listening to Wings by Little Mix but you play what gets you going.

I know we’ve had loads of people since last June, so hello hi welcome! And for everyone who’s been on this very dead mailing list, welcome back.

Standing on Chelsea Bridge during a particularly windy walk

I’m Queenie. I like all animals and am the publicist of two cats (one of whom acts like a dog) although I am highly allergic to them (make it make sense). I have worked in a corporate the last 6 years although my true passion lies in social justice. I miss playing my violin and I am super good at it although I have wonky pinkies which make playing it difficult. I have been incredibly fortunate to have been commissioned to write and have taken part in inclusive photoshoots although I have never been more insecure of my capabilities and looks in my life. I love plants and have lucky green fingers although I have never owned houseplants until this past year. I am actually a massive introvert although I absolutely love love love the community we’ve built this past year here

Basically, I’m pretty much a whole person and thank you for being here. And while you’re here, I need you to hold me accountable of the things that I’m going to be doing here at What Would Queenie Do. Of course, to keep things fresh I’m changing things up so I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned!

  • I’m bringing back Supportive Sundays
  • I’m bringing back Manageable Mondays
  • I’m bringing back Instagram Q&As
  • I’m bringing back the blog (lol) and refreshing the layout
  • I’m making sure every element of WWQD is more accessible and will continue to be inclusive
  • I’m making sure for every four consultations I do, I will be donating one free consultation for someone from a marginalised community
  • I’m making sure that I invest back into WWQD whatever form that takes (time, energy, commissions)

So with that – I hope you all enjoy me coming back (and if you don’t, feel free to unsubscribe lol). I’d love to hear from you all in whatever avenue works best for you, including any suggestions or ideas of things you want to read about. Instagram, website form, or email ( I can’t wait to hear from you!

Ok goodnight bye x

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