what would queenie drink

“one no-foam skimmed latte with an extra shot and three drip coffees with room for milk”
– Miranda Priestly

Buy me a coffee. No, really.

Did you know that apart from my day job of scrolling through Instagram and sending cat photos to my friends, I actually have an actual job? I know! Sometimes I’m a bit surprised too.

In my role (that pays the bills), I facilitate people to make better decisions, work together more, restructure companies that need it, figure out complex deals and business functions, look at cashflows, define strategies and visions, and advising clients on uh… what would Queenie do if she was in your position as leader of corporate company? But this isn’t LinkedIn and I wouldn’t recommend you connect with me on there because I am still suffering flashbacks from that time someone I had an entanglement with found me on LinkedIn after I was purposefully vague about my name and workplace (!!!). Anyway.

Anyway, did you know I run consultations as part of What Would Queenie Do? I do them on a whole host of topics, including business strategy, anti-racism initiatives, operations (business not medical), relationships, friendships, family, HR work-related, plants … pretty much anything that you need advice on, I’m happy to talk to you about it. All the proceeds from the consultations, commissions I write, any other freelancing I do (e.g. community management) are all fed back into What Would Queenie Do. It’s used to pay for this URL so that you can find this easily, admin costs, monthly charity and mutual aid donations, and most importantly, support the Supportive Sunday features. We offer all of those we feature now a small amount of contribution for their time and effort, and everyone so far has offered to put that back into charities of their choice. So really, if you buy me a coffee or book me for a consultation, it goes back into the community.

And truthfully, there may come a day (soon) where I don’t have a steady source of income, and won’t be able to cover this out of my own pocket but I want to still be able to support these features, because it’s so important that we continue to support and hear from these voices that we feature on Supportive Sunday.

Fancy coffee just to help bring the metaphor to life

So putting it out there, if you’re able to support us in any way, then here’s the link to actually buy me a slice of pizza instead of a coffee (pineapples belong on pizza by the way, FIGHT ME). Every contribution supports us in bringing features and content to this community, and you can either choose to do a small amount, or if you want to, book in for a consultation! Drop me an email at

If you’d also like to support Aimen on her artistic ventures which you can read more about here, you can also support her on Ko-fi here.

Oh and I like an espresso. That’s what I’d drink.

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