About me

I’m Queenie.

I’m 27 and live in London. I was born in Hong Kong, raised in Singapore, moved here for university and haven’t left since. I’m not really East meets West, but am pretty much a hot pot of different things.

As a millennial woman in one of the most expensive cities in the world, how do I define success for myself, outside our notion of capitalist success?

As my friends and I try to balance family, friendships, dating, work, personal wellbeing, and money – we’ve also been through numerous terrorist attacks, two recessions, unnecessary wars, worsening climate emergencies, widening inequality, a regional epidemic, and now a global pandemic. No wonder I’ve eaten so many avocados I can’t even fathom ordering them anymore at brunch.

There’s a world of resources and information out there, but I’ve found it tough to find authentic, holistic content to engage in, that helps us know we’re not alone in the world and in our problems.

I promise to authentically share what I’ve learnt and am learning. I will never share something I don’t believe fully in.

So come with me and we can go face the world together to make it a better place?

– Q